The Association was founded in 1977 in Munich.

The ASSOCOATION OF BOBATH TRAINED THERAPISTS is an interdisciplinary association. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and medical doctors can become members if they have obtained a Bobath-Certificate by VEBID (German and Austrian Organisation of Instructors, teaching the Bobath concept) or GKB (German Bobath Tutor Organisation and their Teaching Centres). For those who are interested in the Bobath concept, it is also possible to become a supporting member. Currently, 1300 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are associated.

  • Initiating- and supporting scientific and interdisciplinary Bobath Projects and workinggroups
  • Convening the Scientific Advisory Board (Wissenschaftsbeirat)
  • Publishing the Bobath-Journal „Bewegung und Entwicklung“ (movement and development)
  • Defining quality-standards and definition steps of quality-assurance (Qualitätssicherung)
  • Publishing the Manual for Bobath Therapists „Handbuch für Bobath-Therapeuten"
  • Maintaining the Bobath Archives, by collecting and editing articles, books, recording tapes, films
  • Organising public relation work (Öffentlichkeitsarbeit) to give more information about the Bobath concept and the therapists
  • Cooperating and networking with other associations and organisations in Germany, the European Union worldwide to develop the idea of the Bobath concept worldwide.
  • Organising the annual conference, each year in another german city
board of the Assoc. of Bobath Trained Therapists Germ.
Wissenschaftsbeirat Bobath-Vereinigung coordination
Bobath Archives coordination

in developmental neurology and neurological rehabilitation 228 pages 2nd completely revised and expanded edition Editor: Vereinigung der Bobath-Therapeuten Deutschlands e.V. Castrop-Rauxel, December 2014